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(A.K.A It Would Suck to be Color-Blind.)

I have always drawn well enough, created sculpted, fiddled? (a Musician for sure) I began pro career as USN Illustrator/Draftsman converted to real world graphic designer.

I have a Classical ART Education. (CSUCI ’04) I ventured back into into the Graphic Design World until it wanted the Marrow…(still available for freelance!)

I returned to Oil/Canvas art in 2018 basically, out of a post mid-Life Crisis, I arose a new creature meaning – I want to mow my lawn and i want to create art for a living. So I’m building this thing, hope you enjoy the ride.

enter chrismckeeart! enter new medium – oil/canvas/brown sharpie. 2020!

I seek balance in my ART. I create. I do Commissions, and special requests…
I’m just sharing my struggles/myprocess/my progress – in studio with ‘THE GOO’.

How I look at it, If I can elicit an emotional reponse from some GOO?, – [literally some pigmented minerals and oil]….then i did my work.

[Here’s a lil’ peek into the studio]

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(Life is Too Short, Don’t Forget to Smile!)

follow the art at @thechrismckee instagram

the process and the feel.