Welcome to ChrisMcKee.com | art IS life, dudes.
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Chris McKee*Art & Design


Fine Art / Graphic Design / Web Design / Art Director  / Video Producer / Audio Engineer  / Musician



*A True Renaissance Man



Welcome to chrismckee.com home of artist, designer and musician Christopher McKee. to see and inquire about custom art/design, see Portfolio or QuickArtVids™ if you scroll below to learn of and hopefully , not be too scared of me or my creations. You also might need a full service shop to help with your needs ( Hint, I can help with just about ANY media on any platform .) Keep reading >>


I bring YOUR Ideas to the Marketplace.

Strengths include:  New Business/Brand Consulting, B2B/B2C Marketing,
Advertising, ReStructuring, Rebranding, Web Rescues.


18+ years of creative design experience that encompasses Print, Digital Design, Web Design, Video Creation, Motion Graphics, Marketing, Packaging Design, eMarketing, Content Management System startup/maintenance, Advertising, Social Media, and Brand design+ more.


Hire Me. I am a Full-Service Studio.

Proven success in design, project management and execution across all forms of media, print, video, social and digital media.


Excellent interpreter of ideas + good listener + people-watcher = A true, interactive storyteller and problem solver. I get projects done.


Extreme Sport, Pro Sport, BioMedical, Military, Music, Automotive, Entertainment, Retail, Childhood Development, Education, Television/Film and 420 Industry experienced.


I have the ability to tell Big Stories
in almost all Media Platforms.

Excellent working knowledge of my toolbelt: Adobe Creative Suite and the other usual suspects.


Strong verbal / written / creative / interpersonal communication skills — Works/Plays well with others.


I wear MANY hats, and I wear them WELL.


I have worked in the "Most Dangerous", 
most "Red Tape-iest", "Fastest-Paced"
Industries in the History of the World...

-Just Sayin'

I am still here.  –  I have most of my digits 😉 Still Competing — a Digital Art Warrior and DIsabled Veteran, nonetheless. I have the fire — and the will — to roll up sleeves and get to work, while maintaining a sharp attention to detail and stand-out design.



Fun CM Facts:

Had been to 32 countries before the age of 22.

Is a * True Renaissance Man
(Rocks at Fine Art, Videography, Photography, Illustration, Audio Engineer, Pro Musician — Anything to do with art and music, it’s on…)

Rocks the Mullet.

Master of the ‘BBQ.

Dodger Fanatic

Class of 2018 Amazonian


Here is my resume´ in PDF format >> chrismckee_2022